Royal Canin Cat Dry Maine Coon 10kg


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Royal Canin Maine Coon Adult 10kgs

Royal Canin Maine Coon is specifically catered for adult Maine Coon felines over 15 months old. A unique feature is their large body mass which is why this unique formula is enriched with vitamins and minerals to maintain healthy bones and joints while also containing a combination of amino acids and fatty acids to create a healthy ; shiny coat.

A tailor-made kibble shape is designed to match their large 'match-box' shape jaw encouraging them to chew their food while also promoting positive oral health. Through a completely balanced formula ; this dry food is beneficial in providing joint support ; cardiac health ; healthy skin ; coat and a healthy urinary system.

  • - Packed full of amino acids ; Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to assist in positive skin and coat health
  • - Enriched with EPA and DHA to provide healthy joint support.
  • - Assists in maintaining healthy cardiac health.
  • - Uniqu