Cetrigen Aerosol 100G


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Cetrigen Antibacterial Wound Spray Aerosol

Cetrigen is a unique formula to treat cuts and superficial wounds in all animals. This product contains an antibacterial agent ; insect repellent and an added feature of purple dye to indicate coverage of the intended site.

The Properties of Cetrigen assists in providing protection to minor wounds left after surgical procedures. Containing an antiseptic to protect wounds from infection Cetrigen is practically a first aid kit in a bottle formulated to treat cuts ; scrapes and many other minor injuries. 

Directions For Use: Where practicable the wound area should be cleansed and any dirt and debris removed. Hold spray container nozzle approximately 10cm from wound site and apply a light layer directly onto the wound ; wiping away any excess run-off spray. Treatment should be continued until the wound has thoroughly healed.