Royal Canin Cat Wet Beauty Gravy 12pk


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Royal Canin Feline Intense Beauty in Gravy

Royal Canin Feline Intense Beauty is specifically designed to assist in promoting coat beauty and vitality in your cat. It can be a challenge to maintain your cat's coat ; especially in long hair breeds. Providing your cat with the correct nutrients ; will allow your cat to show off the natural beauty of its healthy ; shiny coat.

This complete and balanced wet cat food is enriched with omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to support healthy skin and a beautiful shiny coat. Royal Canin Feline Intense Beauty also contains a high protein content to help maintain healthy lean muscle mass ; and an adapted phosphorus content to help preserve kidney health.

  • - Specifically designed to promote skin and coat health
  • - Balanced phosphorus content levels for healthy kidneys
  • - Rich in protein to help maintain lean muscle mass
  • - Comes in a delectable gravy texture
  • - Suitable for cats over the age o