Royal Canin Cat Dry Siamese 2kg


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Royal Canin Siamese Adult 2kgs

Royal Canin Siamese is suitable for adults over 12 months of age and has been developed to ensure that your cat receives the nutritional support it requires to stay healthy. Specifically formulated with the Siamese's long ; slender and muscular body in mind ; this recipe contains a higher level of protein (38%) and a moderate fat level of 16% and has been enriched with L-Carnitine ; a nutrient required for the maintenance of healthy fat metabolism.

The Siamese can suffer sensitivity issues which is why this formula contains highly digestible proteins ; as well as prebiotics that assist with gut function ; ensuring bacterial flora are kept balanced. With a narrow ; pointed jaw ; these cat's tend to grasp their kibble with their teeth. Royal Canin Siamese has a unique tube-shaped kibble ; designed to allow your cat to grasp its food easily and the design encourages the chewing motion which in turn helps reduc