Royal Canin Cat Dry Sensible 2kg


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Royal Canin Sensible 33 Feline 2kgs

Royal Canin Sensible is suitable for cats aged 1-7 years of age and has been developed for cats that have sensitive stomachs. Unfortunately sometimes cats can be prone to digestive problems including diarrhoea ; soft stools ; constipation and various other stomach issues.

Sensible 33 has been specially formulated to support and strengthen your cat's digestive system with the development of a highly palatable recipe which is served to your cat through three different kibble shapes designed to stimulate food intake.

  • - Suitable for cats aged between 1-7 years
  • - Designed to reduce digestive senstitives
  • - Three different kibble shapes for easier digestion
  • - Exclusive blend of nutrients and prebiotics for healthy gut function
  • - Addition of fibres to promote growth of healthy bacteria

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