Royal Canin Cat Dry Oral Sensitive 1.5kg


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Royal Canin Oral Care Cat 8kgs

Royal Canin Oral Care is a carefully balanced ; nutritional formula designed to assist with the maintenance of your cat s oral health by reducing dental plaque buildup. This recipe also contains high levels of protein designed to support your cats muscles ; bones and teeth. When fed to your cat for just 28 days ; tartar formation is reduced by up to 59%! This is achieved through the two actions performed by this kibble. Mechanical and Chemical.

The special shape and the size of the kibble promotes a brushing effect which assists in the reduction of tartar formation while the addition of an anti-tartar agent traps the calcium in the saliva which stops it from being deposited on your cat s teeth.

  • - Assists in reducing plaque and tartar build-up
  • - High protein content to provide optimal muscles ; bones and teeth
  • - Unqiue kibble shape designed to create brushing effect
  • - Suitable for cats overs t