Royal Canin Cat Dry Intense Hairball 4kg


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Royal Canin Hairball Care Cat Food 4kgs

Royal Canin Hairball Care has been designed for cats aged 1-7 years who are prone to hairballs. It is common for cats to spend many hours grooming themselves ; and as a result ; they can swallow large amounts of hair. This hair can become compacted in their digestive tract ; resulting in hairballs. These hairballs are then eliminated from the digestive tract through regurgitation or fecal matter. The unique formula developed by Royal Canin contains a specific blend of dietary fibres ; including psyllium and insoluble fibres that stimulate your cats digestive tract ; and as a result ; any hair swallowed through grooming can be eliminated through the faeces ; rather than via regurgitation.

This formula contains the required vitamins and minerals for optimal nutrition ; keeping your cat healthy inside and out. Not only does this formula reduce hairballs but a balanced protein and fat content ensures y