Royal Canin Cat Dry Indoor 4kg


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Royal Canin Indoor 27 Adult Cat Food 4kgs

Royal Canin Indoor is suitable for adult cats ; aged between 1- 7 years. It is often the case ; that indoor cats spend most of their time sleeping ; eating and grooming and spend very little time engaged in exercise or activity. As a result your indoor cats digestion may slow down ; their stools may become soft and smelly and they may struggle to maintain a healthy weight.

Royal Canin Indoor 27 contains the highly digestible protein L.I.P which also helps reduce the quantity and smell of your cats stools. This formula also has a moderate fat content to ensure that your indoor cat s calorie consumption is perfectly aligned to their level of activity ; which in turn ; assists in the maintenance of a healthy weight. The inclusion of specific dietary fibres ; such as psyllium ; aids with the clearance of ingested hairs ; resulting in fewer hairballs.

  • - Suitable for adult cats aged 1-7