Royal Canin Cat Dry Fit 2kg


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Royal Canin Fit 32 Adult Cat Food 2kgs

Royal Cain Fit is suitable for cats aged between 1 7 years and it has been designed to meet the nutritional requirements your cat needs to stay healthy. The calorie content of this formula has been adapted to assist with the maintenance of a healthy weight for adult cats who would be considered moderately active.

Fit 32 offers an optimal nutrient profile ; containing the perfect levels of vitamins and minerals to assist with urinary health and specific dietary fibres to aid your cat s gut in the elimination of hair or fur that it may ingest.

  • - Suitable for cats aged 1-7 years
  • - Specific tailored nutrition for your adult cat
  • - Balanced fat and calorie content for optimal weight management
  • - Higher protein levels specifically for moderately active cats
  • - Contains specific fibres to naturally limit hairball formation

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