Royal Canin Cat Dry Babycat 2kg


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Royal Canin Cat Mother And Babycat 2kg

Royal Canin Mother and Babycat has been developed to be of nutritional benefit to both the mother cat and kittens aged 1-4 months. The tiny kibble has been specifically adapted to be compatible with a young kitten s jaws and milk teeth and this special formula can be easily rehydrated to ease the transition from milk to solid food. The Mother and Babycat recipe has the highly digestible protein L.I.P and prebiotics added ; to support digestive health and it is enriched with DHA which supports the kitten s brain development.

  • - Suitable for mother and kitten between 1 and 4 months old
  • - Tiny kibble designed for the kittens jaw
  • - Contains natural omega 3 fatty acids
  • - Full of vitamins and minerals including Vitamin C ; E and Taurine
  • - Promotes transition from milk to dry food

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