Almond Leaf


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While it may sound strange to you adding Indian Almond leaves to the aquarium’s housing sick soft water or blackwater fish is a common practice. Indian Almond Leaves help the immune system of fish prevent disease and lessen stress – but how do simple leaves do this? these dried leaves release tannins anti-bacterial compounds and other trace minerals into the water closer simulating the natural environment of most tropical fish. Specifically tannins lower the PH and make the water a little darker. Who are they for? Fish who come from environments with lots of leaf litter will love everything the leaves provide. Shrimp (especially Cardinias) also appreciate them and baby shrimp and fish fry feed off the Infusoria that grows on the leaves. Using the leaves: Leaves will float on the top of the tank for 2-3 days while soaking in water. They will then sink to the bottom. After 2-4 weeks or when the leaves start breaking apart the leaves are spent and you can remove them from the tank. D