Royal Canin Cat Wet Light Jelly 12pk


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Royal Canin Feline Ultra Light In Jelly

Royal Canin Ultra Light has been designed to assist with optimal weight management ; particularly in those cat's who are not overeating and still appear hungry after their meal.

Royal Canin Light wet food contains a rich protein content and L-Carnitine to help preserve muscle mass and encourage fat metabolism. This formula is full of vitamins and minerals which not only keeps your cat in great shape but assists in healthy urinary function.

  • - Formulated to assist in optimal weight management
  • - Reduces calorie intake by 19%
  • - Suitable for cats over 1 years of age
  • - Rich in both protein and L-Carnitine to maintain muscle mass
  • - Contains small pieces of meat in jelly

Does your cat prefer a gravy texture