Royal Canin Cat Wet Instinctive 7+ Gravy 12pk


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Royal Canin Feline Instinctive 7+ 12 x 85g In Gravy

Royal Canin Feline Instinctive 7+ In Gravy is tailor made to suit the unique nutritional needs of your ageing cat and provides a unique nutritional profile which is instinctively preferred by cats.

This formula contains high levels of EPA and DHA fatty acids which is designed to help maintain joint health ; as well as a moderate phosphorus content to help support healthy kidneys. This wet food contains a unique blend of antioxidants which supports both youth and vitality.

  • - Added antioxidants support youth and vitality
  • - Balanced phosphorus content levels for healthy kidneys
  • - Unique taste ageing cats instinctively prefer
  • - Comes in a tasty gravy texture
  • - Suitable for cats between 7 and 12 years of age

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