Royal Canin Cat Dry Persian 2kg


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Royal Canin Persian Adult 2kgs

Royal Canin Persian Adult is specifically designed for your adult Persian cat over the age of 1 years old. A unique feature is their long coat with a dense undercoat which is why this scientifically backed formula contains a complex blend of nutrients which helps in positive skin and coat health.

Another key benefit in this formula is the combination of unique fibres to aid in hairball reduction and it stimulates intestinal transit which naturally reduces hairball formation. This dry cat food contains a unique almond shaped kibble which caters for your Persian cat as it allows for them to easily pick up and chew.

  • - Suitable for Persian cats over 12 months of age
  • - Contains digestible proteins and probiotics to support healthy gut function
  • - Addition of fatty acids to promote positive skin and coat health
  • - Unique kibble shape designed for your Persians jaw
  • - Unique blend of fibres to reduce hairballs