Royal Canin Cat Dry Exigent Savour 2kg


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Royal Canin Exigent Savour Sensation Cat 2kg

Royal Canin Exigent Savour Sensation is for those cats that may be referred to fussy . It has been found that some cats who are fussy are attracted by diversity in their food bowl and that is why Savour Exigent contains not one ; but two synergistic kibbles and each of these kibbles has its own formula and texture designed to stimulate your cat s appetite ; while providing it with a nutritionally balanced meal.

A complex blend of vitamins and minerals including biotin and fatty acids not only produce and maintain a shiny ; healthy coat but also aids in the maintenance of optimal weight levels as this formula contains a specifically adapted energy content designed to keep you cat healthy inside and out. Royal Canin Exigent Savour Sensation is suitable for both indoor and outdoor cats.

  • - Suitable for cats over 1 years of age
  • - Stimulates the natural preference of your cat
  • - Formulated to ma