Aquaforest Af Build Liquid 50ml


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AF Build accelerates the absorption of calcium and carbon which are crucial for the development of hard corals. By providing the corals with all the necessary ingredients it facilitates and accelerates calcification favourably affecting the growth rate. In addition AF Build raises the pH level in reef aquariums. By keeping the pH at a proper constant level it additionally promotes coral growth. Long-term pH level aberrations result with slower calcification inhibition of limestone algae growth and in extreme cases may completely stop the calcification process. Regular usage of AF Build prevents unfavourable fluctuations of pH levels and by balancing the parameters in the aquarium it improves the clarity of water and supports the growth of corals. Due to its unique properties AF Build reduces the amount of lower-order algae and inhibits the growth of pathogenic cyanobacteria. Decomposing food may be one of the causes of the drop in pH therefore AF Build should be used during intensive coral feeding