Advocate Cat Small 3pk


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Advocate Orange for Small Cats & Kittens up to 4kg 3 Pack

Advocate is a simple ; easy to use ; spot-on treatment that is specifically designed to protect your cat from nasties including fleas ; heartworm ; intestinal Wormers and various other parasites including protects your cat from fleas ; heartworm ; intestinal Wormers and other nasty parasites such as mites for up to a month. 

This unique formula not only kills but prevents fleas for one month while also controlling various intesinal Wormers including both hookworm and roundworm. Through providing fast acting relief ; Advocate for cats kills both adult fleas and larvae within 20 minutes of the product being applied to break the flea life cycle which in turn prevents reinfestation.

Please note Advocate for cats is safe for use in kittens from 9 weeks of age. The safety of this product in pregnant and lactating queens has not been established.